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  • Finian Hackett

Welcome to fintothewoods!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog, fintothewoods. I've created this site as a place for me to share some weird and wonderful theatrical knowledge, review shows across the country, share news about events and just have fun! Theatre is huge part of many of our lives and 2020 has made us realise just how important it is to us all. The day we are all sat together in an auditorium again, waiting for that curtain to rise as the overture starts, will be an extremely special one. For now, we need to continue to support one another in any way we can; buy tickets to online performances, become friends of a theatre, donate to organisations helping the industry. Theatres survive on the support of the general public so it is vital we continue that support in these challenging times.

Anyway, I really do hope you enjoy this blog of mine! Lord knows if anyone will read it but it's worth a shot. There will be lots of Sondheim (hence the name), loads of Broadway legends and an opinion or two along the way!

It's time to go fintothewoods...

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Melanie Adams
Melanie Adams
Jul 20, 2020

Looking forward to reading your blog!

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